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New Kinpo Group

XYZprinting produces desktop 3D printers for a large audience since 2013. The company is backed by international conglomerate New Kinpo Group, which is headquartered in Taiwan with offices all over the world. We are the exclusive distributor of XYZ Printing in Moldova.

3D printers

As a small brand driven by a large electronics conglomerate, the company creates a couple of 3D print-related products and the most known are: da Vinci, the first in this series, easy to use, high quality and a relatively low price-point. Since this first apparition, 5 more models have been released on the market, offering different features – from small size/cost to an all-in-one 3D printer/scanner.

Divers range of printers

Another appreciated model is Nobel 1.0 — a high resolution, stereo lithography technology printer, aimed at a more professional/industrial audience. Although the print time is quite slow, it is prefered by many people because it’s affordable and offers great quality prints.  Another products is the Handheld 3D Scanner, which provides an all-encompassing 3D print and scan power to any designer/maker.

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