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Robotic toys and entertainment products

WowWee creates innovative robotic toys and consumer entertainment products. It was founded as an independent research, development and manufacturing company, focused on cutting-edge technologies. WowWee’s Robosapien™ robot changed the way people interacted with robotic friends in 2004. WowWee develops technologies and creates incredible award-winning gadgets and toys that entertain both kids and adults around the world.

The process of creating a new WowWee toy

They identify and integrate emerging technologies and dream up interesting and affordable consumer products that everyone can use and enjoy. After that, they bring them to the drawing board, and together with their team of engineers and designers create initial «proof-of-physics» prototypes to test whether they can make the product a reality or not. Once the product concept has passed the prototype stage, they put it through rigorous products testing and polish the product and app design.

Interactive toys for active children

WowWee has a diverse range of products especially designed for kids, like Fingerlings, adorable baby animals that are curious about the world around them, or Untamed, interactive creatures that react to touch, motion, and sound with over 40 different sounds and animations, and so on. We are the official distributor of WooWee in Moldova and bring the most innovative and best sold products on the market.

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