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Global leader of scooters

Razor has been the worldwide leader in scooters since 2000, when they transformed the kick scooter into a global phenomenon —  The Razor Model A Scooter, which captured the imaginations of generations, from young to old.  

Quality and innovation — basic values

Over the next 2 decades, Razor has continued to build their reputation based on quality and innovation. Since 2000, they’ve sold over 34 million scooters, including 13 millions of electric scooters. Thus, they became the global experts in scooter innovation.     

Fun can last forever

From manual scooters to electric skateboards, from hoverboards to turbo-powered heel wheels; at Razor, they believe fun is forever and the secret is that they truly love what they do. One of their goal is to convince families, friends to get out of the house and to experience something new.

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