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Ksix Mobile Tech was created in 2006 by Atlantis Internacional S.L., the leading company in the Spanish mobile device accessories distribution market. They find the innovative solutions and apply the latest technology to produce new mobile trend and functions for all devices. Their five main product categories are: audio, protection, power, car and connectivity.

Extensive distribution network

The label KSIX stands for mobile protection (case) and the year the brand was released (six-2006). According to the structure and experience of Atlantis, KSIX offers good pricing, efficient logistics and distribution and an engaging and user oriented customer service. They have an extensive distribution network with over 20 countries throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and the international presence keeps growing each year. We are the exclusive distributor of KSIX in Moldova.

Your mobile device deserves the best

KSIX product portfolio is one of the most extensive in the market, having over 3,000 references and over 1 million units permanently in stock. They are oriented to satisfy the user demands and to offer diverse products, whose quality and compliance are proven according to the Spanish and European legislation standards.

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