Technology for fun

Technology — productive force for society development

JJR/C was founded in 2009, as JIANJIAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., being a toy supplier, as well as a distributor, offering remote control toys. JJR/C’s mission is to make technology fun. They are also lead by the principle that technology is the most powerful productive force for society development in this intellectual and digitalized world.

Two main product lines

JIANJIAN TECHNOLOGY has two main product lines: JJR/C and JJPRO. JJRC range is designed for beginners, and offers entry-level products, including drones, robots, RC aircraft, RC monster trucks, educational toys, while JJPRO range is suitable for professional players, selling advanced products, such as FPV racing drones and VR goggles.

Reaching the international market

JJR/C combines technology and fun, providing the international market with helpful, enjoyable products, which convince everyone to use technology in their daily life and get more benefits and have more fun. We are the official distributor of JJR/C in Moldova.

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