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Brings music to life

JBL makes you feel the music. That’s why their sound powers the world’s most epic musicians, atheletes and venues. They are a leading star in the world of top-notch audiophile sound equipment. Their mission is to bring people closer to the pure sound through their products: speakers, headphones, home audio, sound bars, home theater systems, car speakers, powered PA speakers and other.

Sound partners

JBL is partner with the biggest musical festivals, best-known venues, sports teams and leagues. JBL became the preferred manufacturer for both musical instrument loudspeakers as well as music reinforcement activities, providing the sounds of many important moments in history, including the Woodstock rock festival, Olympic Games, and presidential inaugurations. As well as they do for the most awaited events of the year: Academy Awards (the «Oscars»), the Miss Universe pageant, and the GRAMMY® telecast.

Reasons to partner with JBL

When you are a master of your art, you should be teaming up with other masters to take your sound to the next level. The higher the quality of the sound system, the closer the personality gets to the listener. From NBA to Coachella, these partners are joining with them to give you the best sound experience ever.

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