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VR — virtual reality

BOBOVR was founded in 2014. The team is always focused on the development and manufacture of standalone vr headset and mobile VR. Today, they are one of the leaders of virtual reality headsets brands.

Experience exciting VR world at home

Their products are very easy to use: just plug in a smartphone and you can simulate a private movie theater. Lying at home to see IMAX 3D directly, simulate the real scene of the Moon, Mars, the Forbidden City, the seaside, Jurassic Park, etc., experience exciting games like roller coaster, live CS, and big pendulum clock.

The features of the products

The lens is optimized to prevent light pollution caused by the reflected screen light. VR offers a more clear 120 degree view angle. Optimized sound cavity offers a good bass effect and a wide sound field. The over-ear design can restore the exact sound of the real scene. Isolating the external noise function, you will neither be disturbed, nor make noise to others.

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