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Born to try

Multinational company

WK Life is a multinational company based in Hong Kong. They have an unique catalogue with the following categories: Storage, Audio, Bluetooth, Fashion Bags, Household Articles, Protection and Car Accessories. Since 2013, WK Life has become a well-known household name with more than 1000 stores in over 60 countries, having more than 4000 employees.

Caring about the environment

WK Life has become a globally brand with millions of people connected. Their worldwide success is a result of their traditions to increase the rate of customer satisfaction and minimize the impact on the environment by the manufacturing processes, they clearly care about the world and its wealth-being. We are the exclusive distributor of WK Design in Moldova.

Innovation and teamwork

Their main brand value is established by creating a culture where innovation and teamwork are valued over time. Their primary vision is to create a reciprocal relationship with the stakeholders. Being present in more than 100 countries, WK Design has proved to be consistent with their business fundamentals of delivering superior products at competitive prices, and focus to reach the overseas markets.

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