Distribution Market Link

Distribution Market Link is a multimedia and telephony distribution company established in the Republic of Moldova,

with an experience for over 15 years. The organization connects the local retailers from Moldova with the best manufacturers

and the most known worldwide brands. Our main product types include devices and accessories, games and toys,

technology and eco-transport, as well as phones and computer peripherals.

Our Mission

To facilitate global trade between Moldavian buyers and worldwide suppliers;

To provide accurate and dependable information on worldwide products and suppliers to Moldavian buyers;

To help buyers and suppliers communicate and do business with each other effectively and efficiently.

to develop a lasting relationship with our customers.


Our history began in 2005 when the company was established as a regional Internet provider. After 3 years, we became a distribution company, supplying the best and most known brands to the autochthonous market.

Trying to be one step ahead of the competitors, we began to develop in several directions, taking on twice as many responsibilities, and after 2 years we opened the first retail game store. The growth and development of many different areas led us to create our brand of accessories in 2015.

As we try to keep up with the ever-growing demand for technology in the world, step by step we expanded the range of GSM products and in 2017 created our own eco-transport brands, because we care about the environment and are eco-friendly. We established in 2018 a new office in Romania, Bucharest and in 2019 in the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong.

Nowadays, DMLink is the leader of the Moldovan market in the IT distribution sector, both in the b-to-b and b-to-c segment. We are open to collaborate, develop and apply new technologies, connecting the supplier closely with the consumer.

Partnerships with well known technology and electronics companies

Benefits for clients/partners:

  • we provide a large assortment of products
  • we offer guaranty and low prices
  • we sell only certificated goods

Professional and well-organized team

Benefits for clients/partners:

  • we deliver the orders quickly
  • we answer to all your questions
  • we find the best option for you and us

Marketing support for our clients

Benefits for clients/partners:

  • we find out the needs of our clients and the market trends
  • we consult our clients and take their advices
  • we inform every partner/client about promotions, new price-list, sales. 

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