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Helmet is a company founded recently in Moldova by some men who were trying to bring on the national market new, useful and high quality accessories and gadgets. Because today the market is very competitive and gives to the consumers a wide range of options, Helmet’s mission is to bring to the people what they really need and like, satisfying any of their wishes.

Every challenge is a chance to grow

In order to make every client happy, Helmet sets its goals very high, and reaches them by working hardly at every detail and stage of the manufacturing and delivering. For them, every challenge is a chance to grow and every step is a choice to take.

Helmet team

Helmet’s team consists of professional, passionate, creative and high achievers. They work hardly every day to manufacture and deliver to the customer not only a product, but also satisfaction and gratitude.

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Moldova, Chisinau

Columna str. 153


9:00 — 18:00 


Fax +373 022 85 52 05

Tel +373 22 86 69 44