Ready for battle ? Do it with FURY!

Intelligent guns for the virtual battlefield

On the virtual battlefield survive only the strongest, smartest and those who learn fast. A warrior-games can handle every situation and cooperates well with his allies, maintaining his cool even in the most intense moments. Fury was created to provide gamers with the necessary tools to be the best. Thanks to the well designed peripherals, the gamer will be faster, more precise and efficient.

Be a gamer-worrior

Each product, starting with the mousepad, mice, keyboards and ending with headsets, has been created to transform any gamer into a worrior. Fury has the goal to offer to every gamer a various range of essential functions at a resonable price.  

A gamer’s arsenal

A good piece of gaming gear is one which offers many functions unavailable in regular PC peripherals. No matter what it is, a mouse or a keyboard, it should meet the needs of the gamer and lead him to victory. In Fury products you can find plenty of solutions: on the fly DPI adjustment and precise optical sensor, ergonomic shape, durable buttons, software, LED backlighting, multimedia keys, anti-ghosting, Windows key lock, braided fiber cable. Decide what’s important for you!

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